33 Years of Making Business Easier

Anniversaries would seem to be humanity's best attempt at
mastering time; an endeavor to put a halt to what cannot be

Be it as it were, anniversaries give us the luxury to look back at
what has been and how we've helped shape it; while it compels
us, as well, to look ahead to what should be and how we'll make it happen.

Our 332d Anniversary is no exception to this and as we did five, ten and fifteen years ago, we not only commemorate our corporate birth on a day like today. we celebrate and take pride to 33 years of providing the highest quality products to you, our loyal customers.

Rome, as they say, was not built in a day, and the same is true for Philcopy Corporation. When our company was founded in 1979 with 30 employees, we could hardly foresee our growth to a nationwide company with a workforce of over 400 professionals and with more than 44 branches after 3 decades. We have gone a long way from those pioneering days of selling and distributing Mita copiers and Uchida office printing system. Rooted from it's very inception in an uncompromising quest for excellence and propelled by the determination to provide quality products and services, the men and women of our organization have set stone after stone, laid brick over brick to build this edifice, cemented by relationships with partners we value- our suppliers, dealers, allies, and even competitors; and most especially you- our clients, who have brought us to where we are now and helped us become even better.

Yet, let not the progress of yesteryears -valuable as this may be- make us rest on our laurels. For now and always, they should truly constitute additional demands in our zeal to advance our mission in the attainment of our vision.

If we are to remain "in the right side of History" we must be true to our mantra of giving you better-quality solutions for your business needs. While it has been heralded that only change is permanent, particularly in an industry such as ours wherein innovation is the operative term, we profess that our commitment to client satisfaction will never change either.

We look forward to a continued mutually beneficial relationship with you in the coming years. We will continue to do everything possible to maintain your trust in our products and services. A pleasant relationship with clients such as you is one of the things that make our business so enjoyable. You have our heartfelt gratitude for your patronage! Here's to a toast to the next 30 years!